John Marshall

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Oceanography, MIT

The Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment

The Labrador Sea Deep Convection Experiment.

(Marshall, J and Fiadeiro, M), JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. pages, 2002.


One of the most poorly understood, observed, and modeled processes in the ocean is open ocean deep convection, in which large volumes of water have their properties changed by mixing driven by winter storms. In 1994 the Office of Naval Research began an Accelerated Research Initiative to study deep convection and improve its representation in ocean models. One of its goals was to foster a strong collaboration between modelers and experimentalists. Models would guide the observations and the observations would be used to test the models. Due to its great importance to the global ocean circulation, the Labrador Sea was chosen for the site of an intense observational program.

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