COG3 Seminar – Mariek Schmidt (Brock University)

February 24, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Building E25
Room 119

The Mars Mantle: Insights from Rover Missions and Terrestrial Analogues

Basaltic igneous rocks represent samples of a planet’s
interior and give insight to the degree of heterogeneity or
homogeneity of the interior. This talk will focus on the
origins of geochemical diversity and estimates of oxygen
fugacity among igneous and least altered sedimentary rocks
measured by rover missions. Relative influences of partial
melting, fractional crystallization, and mantle metasomatism
will be explored. Terrestrial mantle xenoliths from alkaline
provinces are considered as analogues to the Martian
mantle, including cumulate xenoliths from post-shield
Hawaiian volcanoes and metasomatized xenoliths from
Mount Taylor Volcanic Field (New Mexico). Such a
comparison is worthwhile because the Martian upper
mantle is likely a mixture of primary, residual,
metasomatized, and cumulate mantle.