MIT, News | March 10, 2017

A Love Affair with a Marine Microbe — Prochlorococcus

Penny Chisholm
Penny Chisholm

By Lauren Hinkel

Penny Chisholm has had a 35-year love affair—with a microbe. For her, it’s been the perfect partner—elusive during courting, a source of intellectual fulfillment, and still full of mystery decades after their introduction during an ocean cruise,” Elizabeth Pennisi writes for Science Magazine. In the profile of MIT’s Institute Professor, Science details Chisholm’s investigation of Prochlorococcus and its role in ocean ecology and evolution. Chisholm has helped open up an oceanic world to science that before was largely invisible. To this day, the tiny organism is still shaping Chisholm’s work and the way researchers view the sea.

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