MIT, MIT EAPS, News | August 14, 2017

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Graduate Students Launch a Blog

2-768x576 (1)By Lauren Hinkel

Follow the future of ocean science and engineering with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)– Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Joint Program graduate students on their new blog.


Posts will include:

  • Day in the life:  A behind the scenes peek in to what you do on a regular day
  • Local climate impacts: Explain to someone from your home state, why they should be concerned about climate change
  • Sustainable living: Tell us how to avoid polluting our ocean with more plastic or other ways to make a difference
  • New research discussion: Is the media raving about some new study in a field you’re an expert in? Chime in!
  • Fieldwork journal: Because who doesn’t love looking at pictures of nice landscape and awesome sea creatures
  • Conference stories: Remember that time your slides kept auto-advancing during a talk? Help others avoid that mistake!
  • Basic science: How would you tell a small human what ocean floor petrology is? Or epigenetics?