MIT, News | November 17, 2016

Predicting and Adapting to Increased Hurricane Risk

By Lauren Hinkel

Introduced by John Huth, the faculty Co-director of the science program at the Radcliffe Institute and the Donner Professor of Science in the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University, MIT’s Kerry A. Emanuel’s delivers a talk on “Predicting and Adapting to Increased Hurricane Risk”, which is part of the Institute’s 2016-2017 Ocean Lecture Series.

Emanuel, the Cecil & Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science and Co-director of The Lorenz Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, shares some of the latest research on tropical cyclones (hurricanes) and explains why their destructiveness is expected to increase. He also explores ways of dealing with the increasing risk of these fascinating yet destructive storms, which are a leading cause of mortality and damage among all natural hazards.