Featured Stories | November 18, 2014

Storify: MIT Aquanaut Spends 15 Days Under the Sea on Cousteau’s Mission 31.

By Genevieve Wanucha

On her blog ‘Grace Under Pressure’, Grace Young (MIT ’14) describes her 15 days in Florida International University’s Aquarius habitat as an aquanaut with Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31. The mission sought to raise awareness of climate change, ocean pollution, and coral reef health while enabling deep sea research and high-speed videography in a marine laboratory bolted to the Atlantic Ocean’s floor. Saul Rosser (MIT SM ’03) served as the logistics specialist on the crew. Now back on solid ground, both MIT alums joined the MIT Alumni Association for a live Q&A on Twitter.

Oceans at MIT created a Storify of the chat. Thanks, Grace and Saul for your time today!