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  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News, WHOI - Oceanus | May 12, 2017

    Blue Holes and Hurricanes

    Geological marvels are gold mines for climate history
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News | April 27, 2017

    3Q: Refocusing Climate Research in a New Era

    A new perspective from climate researchers argues that there are three key questions that should frame future climate research.
  • Center for Global Change Science, Featured Stories, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, MIT, MIT News, News | April 26, 2017

    Correcting the Records

    Climate data analyst Thomas Karl describes global temperature and precipitation measurement and interpretation in the 16th Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI - Oceanus | April 20, 2017

    The Amazing Acquired Phototroph!

    Stealing parts from their prey, these hunters turn into farmers
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | April 19, 2017

    High-Speed Images Capture Archer Fish’s Rocket-Like Launch

    Insights into the hydrodynamics of the move may improve underwater vehicle design.
  • Featured Stories, News, WHOI - Oceanus | April 13, 2017

    The Hotspot for Marine Life

    Pioneer observatory investigates the continental shelfbreak
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | April 12, 2017

    Kerry Emanuel Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Kerry A. Emanuel, the EAPS Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Co-Director of the Lorenz Center, joins the ranks of some of the world’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, artists, as well as civic, business, and philanthropic leaders in the academy.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | April 11, 2017

    Environmentalist and Explorer

    Senior Elizabeth Rider uses atmospheric chemistry research to create international connections.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI | April 6, 2017

    Institute Announces New Open Access Policy for All MIT Authors

    Optional license allows students, researchers, and staff to make scholarly articles freely available.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI News | April 3, 2017

    Don Anderson Selected for Prestigious Ketchum Award for Coastal Research

    Senior Scientist Don Anderson will receive WHOI's prestigious 2017 Bostwick H. Ketchum Award, which honors an internationally recognized scientist who demonstrates an innovative approach to coastal research, leadership in the scientific community, and who forges a link between coastal research and societal issues.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI | March 31, 2017

    Embrace Who You Are: One Latina Scientist’s Brave Journey in STEM

    MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Gabi Serrato Marks profiles her colleague, Gabriela Farfan, about her dream of becoming a mineralogist and her experiences with culture and identity along the way.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI | March 30, 2017

    Institute Award for the Love of Marine Chemistry

    MIT-WHOI student Lauren Kipp to receive a Graduate Teaching Award
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | March 27, 2017

    Tiny Bacterium Provides Window into Whole Ecosystems

    Ubiquitous marine organism has co-evolved with other microbes, promoting more complex ecosystems.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | March 24, 2017

    Storied Women of MIT: Pauline Morrow Austin

    Storied Women of MIT is a series of 60-second historical profiles of MIT students, researchers, and staff that demonstrates the role of women at the Institute from its founding to today.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | March 24, 2017

    Global Trekker

    “This work has allowed me to see most of the world.” Geologist Oliver Jagoutz scales mountains to gain tectonic insights.
  • Featured Stories, News, WHOI News | March 23, 2017

    Corals Die as Global Warming Collides with Local Weather in the South China Sea

    New research highlights the devastation caused when global-scale ocean warming interacts with short-lived weather anomalies, and adds urgency to the question of how reefs will fare through the end of this century.
  • Featured Stories, News, WHOI - Oceanus | March 21, 2017

    Understanding Ocean Changes

    The story of a unique partnership between commercial fishermen and scientists.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | March 20, 2017

    Worm-Inspired Material Strengthens, Changes Shape in Response to its Environment

    A bio-inspired gel material developed at MIT could help engineers control movements of soft robots.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News | March 10, 2017

    Exploring Ancient Ocean Acidification in the Rock Record

    Scientists studying Earth's ancient oceans use a new method to measure ocean acidification and its effect on extinction events.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | March 6, 2017

    Underwater Mountains Help Ocean Water Rise from Abyss

    Turbulence from seafloor topography may explain longstanding question about ocean circulation.
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