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  • WHOI - Oceanus | November 10, 2015

    Ice, Wind and Fury

    Scientists investigate the avalanche of winds known as piteraqs
  • Featured Stories | November 5, 2015

    Bringing Scientists into the FOLD: 4 Questions with Alexis Hope

    A new publishing platform out of MIT Media Lab adds context and depth to online science communication.
  • WHOI - Oceanus | October 29, 2015

    Forecasting the Future of Fish

    Through comics, MIT-WHOI Joint Program student Emily Moberg explains how her research modeling fish populations help improve our understanding of relationships between humans, the ocean, and its resources.
  • Featured Stories, MIT News | October 28, 2015

    A Fair and Ambitious Pledge? Not quite.

    MIT News reports on a study from Susan Solomon and colleagues that found pledges by top greenhouse gas emitters leaves little room for others; urges greater R&D. Read it here! Related topics |Human Influences | A Warming World
  • MITgcm News | October 27, 2015

    An Eddy – Internal Solitary Wave Tango

    This month we spotlight work by a team from the Chinese Academy of Science's South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Guangzhou, China, who have been using MITgcm to investigate the interaction of internal solitary waves with mesoscale eddies.
  • Featured Stories | October 26, 2015

    Cloud Watching

    Bjorn Stevens, director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, describes how atmospheric water contributes to climate change at the 2015 John Carlson Lecture.
  • WHOI News | October 22, 2015

    New Study Provides First Field Observations of Rare Omura’s Whales

    An international team of biologists has made the first-ever field observations of one of the least known species of whales in the world Omura's whales off the coast of Madagascar.
  • Featured Stories | October 21, 2015

    Empowering Women in Marine Science

    The 2nd annual workshop of the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS) took place at MIT on October 10, 2015. Related topics | Outreach
  • MIT News | October 16, 2015

    To capture a wave

    Themistoklis Sapsis seeks to understand, predict, and optimize complex engineering and environmental systems under extreme uncertainty.
  • MIT Sea Grant | October 15, 2015

    Artificial whisker reveals source of harbor seal’s uncanny prey-sensing ability

    Study finds a whisker’s “slaloming” motion helps seals track and chase prey.
  • WHOI - Oceanus | October 15, 2015


    Exploring the secret life of endangered leatherback turtles
  • WHOI News | October 12, 2015

    New Study Projects That Melting of Antarctic Ice Shelves Will Intensify

    New research projects a doubling of surface melting of Antarctic ice shelves by 2050 and by 2100 may surpass intensities associated with ice shelf collapse, if greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel consumption continues at the present rate.
  • Featured Stories | October 11, 2015

    The 2015 PAOC Retreat at Jiminy Peak

    This year’s PAOC retreat in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains surrounding Jiminy Peak Resort gave attendees wonderful opportunities to befriend new colleagues, learn about new research, and enjoy time away from bustling Boston. Related topics | A Warming World
  • WHOI - Oceanus | October 6, 2015

    Tracking a Trail of Carbon

    Leaf waxes buried in Lake Titicaca holds clues to once and future climates
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | October 5, 2015

    Microbe Sleuth

    Tanja Bosak examines how life and the Earth evolved in tandem during their early history together.
  • Featured Stories | October 1, 2015

    Will Boston Sink or Swim?

    MIT faculty, students, and members of the general public gathered at the historic Boston Athenaeum to discuss the social, economic, and environmental impacts of climate change on New England. Related topics | Sea Level | Ocean Engineering| Oceans and Climate
  • WHOI News | September 30, 2015

    Gulf Stream Ring Water Intrudes onto Continental Shelf Like “Pinocchio’s Nose”

    Ocean robots installed off the coast of Massachusetts have helped scientists understand a previously unknown process by which warm Gulf Stream water and colder waters of the continental shelf exchange.
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 29, 2015

    Wet World

    Taylor Perron talks to the Boston Globe about the new findings from NASA indicating that Mars may not be the arid planet it was once thought to be.
  • WHOI News | September 28, 2015

    Novel Tag Developed for Squid, Jellyfish

    A new data-logging tag developed specifically for small and delicate invertebrates not only quantifies ocean conditions but also measures animals’ responses to their physical environments in high resolution.
  • WHOI News | September 28, 2015

    King Crabs Threaten Antarctic Ecosystem Due to Warming Ocean

    King crabs may soon become high-level predators in Antarctic marine ecosystems where they haven't played a role in tens of millions of years, according to a new study.
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