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  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 12, 2012

    Mars and Beyond at the MOS

    Morgan O'Neill, Da Zhu, Mike Sori, Yodit Tewelde and Glenn Flierl recently participated in the Boston Museum of Science, 2 day "Mars and Beyond" extravaganza, to coincide with Curiosity's arrival on the Red Planet.
  • MIT News | September 12, 2012

    How to clean up oil spills

    MIT researchers have developed a new technique for magnetically separating oil and water that could be used to clean up oil spills. They believe that, with their technique, the oil could be recovered for use, offsetting much of the cost of cleanup.T...
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 11, 2012

    Study maps pollution’s pathway to the Arctic, sets path for future research

    Noelle Selin and Carey Friedman have built a model that will be further developed as part of an NSF-funded project to track how chemicals get to remote Arctic environments.
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 7, 2012

    More than just a “Category 1”

    How could we improve the rating systems for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes: Kerry Emanuel shares his thoughts in the New York Times.
  • MIT News | September 6, 2012

    Weapon-wielding marine microbes may protect populations from foes

    Professor Martin Polz, left, and postdoc Otto Cordero examine a petri dish of Vibrio bacteria.Photo: James M. Long, MIT Competition is a strong driving force of evolution for organisms of all sizes: Those individuals best equipped to obtain resources...
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 6, 2012

    Giving Rein to Curiosity

    EAPS alumna, Sarah Stewart Johnson, a planetary scientist and 2008 PhD recipient, envisions combining academia with public policy.
  • WHOI - Oceanus | September 6, 2012

    Oil, Coral, and Carbon

    WHOI scientists visit Gulf of Mexico and Arctic Ocean
  • WHOI News | September 5, 2012

    NASA/WHOI Voyage Set to Explore Link Between Sea Saltiness and Climate

    A NASA-sponsored expedition is set to sail to the North Atlantic's saltiest spot to get a detailed, 3-D picture of how salt content fluctuates in the ocean's upper layers and how these variations are related to shifts in rainfall patterns around the pl...
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | September 4, 2012

    DEAPS Extreme Weather 2012

    From August 22 - August 26, 11 new MIT freshmen took part in Discover EAPS (DEAPS), a freshmen pre-orientation program focused on extreme weather and climate. Led by coordinator Lodovica Illari and 12 other faculty, staff, and graduate and undergr...
  • MITgcm News | September 4, 2012

    Strange New Worlds

    This month we focus on research using MITgcm to model atmospheres on Jupiter-like exoplanets showcasing work by recent University of Arizona, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory graduate, Nikole Lewis.
  • WHOI News | September 4, 2012

    Human Impact Felt on Black Sea Long Before Industrial Era

    WHOI geologist Liviu Giosan and an international team of collaborators including environmental engineers, modelers, paleogeographers, and paleobiologists have pieced together a unique history of the Danube River delta and watershed that ultimately prov...
  • WHOI News | September 3, 2012

    Tracking Fish Through a Coral Reef Seascape

    Ocean scientists have long known that juvenile coral reef fishes use coastal seagrass and mangrove habitats as nurseries, later moving as adults onto coral reefs. But the fishes’ movements, and the connections between different tropical habitats,...
  • WHOI - Oceanus | August 31, 2012

    Mentors for Budding Scientists

    Young students get a taste of research at WHOI
  • MIT, MIT EAPS | August 30, 2012

    Modeling Marine Microbes

    When used properly, models provide valuable insights into complex systems and sometimes yield surprising, even counterintuitive outcomes. Darwin Project researcher Stephanie Dutkiewicz explains her groups work.
  • WHOI News | August 29, 2012

    WHOI Hosts Public Talk – Titanic in 3D: An Archaeological Exploration

    On Saturday, Sept. 8, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will host a public event entitled “Titanic in 3D: An Archaeological Exploration.” The free presentations will be held at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., & 3:30 p.m. in Redfield Auditori...
  • WHOI - Oceanus | August 24, 2012

    Climate Change Spurred Fall of Ancient Culture

    Weakening monsoons in India affected plants and people
  • MIT Sea Grant | August 21, 2012

    MIT Sea Grant’s Brenden Epps Assumes Professorship at Dartmouth College

    By Lillie Paquette MIT Sea Grant College Program CAMBRIDGE, MA - AUGUST 22, 2012 - After two-and-a-half years as a post-doctoral research engineer with MIT Sea Grant, Brenden Epps has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Engineering at Dartmo...
  • WHOI News | August 20, 2012

    Construction Begins on Newest Ocean Research Ship

    Senior officials from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) joined the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR) at a ceremony Aug. 17 to mark the beginning of construction on the high-tech, ocean research ship AGOR 27, which will be operated by WHOI.
  • WHOI - Oceanus | August 17, 2012

    New Laboratory Opens at WHOI

    'Green' building provides space for ocean observatory initiatives
  • WHOI News | August 15, 2012

    WHOI Scientist Contributes to Nature Study on Ocean Health

    WHOI Senior Scientist Scott Doney is one of several contributors to a new comprehensive index designed to assess the benefits to people of healthy oceans worldwide. The Index – being called the Ocean Health Index – is the first broad, quant...
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