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  • MIT Sea Grant, News | July 11, 2017

    Sea Grant announces the 2018 Knauss Fellowship finalists

    Sea Grant is pleased to announce the 2018 finalists for the John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship program. As with each class of Knauss fellows, the 2018 finalists are an impressive group with diverse backgrounds and interests. Twenty four of the 33 Sea Grant programs are represented in this year’s class, which includes 61 finalists
  • Featured Stories, MIT EAPS, MIT News, News | July 6, 2017

    Rising temperatures are curbing ocean’s capacity to store carbon

    Study finds large amounts of carbon dioxide, equivalent to yearly U.K. emissions, remain in surface waters.
  • News, WHOI News | June 30, 2017

    Six Right Whales Die In Canadian Waters In Less Than Three Weeks

    Unprecedented Mortality Event For One Of The World's Most Endangered Whale Species
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT News, News | June 27, 2017

    Microbe Generates Extraordinarily Diverse Array of Peptides

    In marine bacteria, evolution of new specialized molecules follows a previously unknown path.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News | June 27, 2017

    Pauline Morrow Austin: Radar & Weather Maven

    Pauline Morrow Austin (PhD '42) joined MIT's Weather Radar Research Project at its inception in 1946 and went on to direct the project from 1956-1979. Her pioneering work to interpret weather radar echoes laid the foundation for modern radar meteorology.
  • MIT Sea Grant, News | June 20, 2017

    MIT Sea Grant Ocean Acidification Seminar Tuesday June 27th at 12:00

    Please join us Tuesday June 27 at MIT Sea Grant for presentations by six MIT Sea Grant funded researchers on their ocean acidification projects.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, News, WHOI - Oceanus | June 20, 2017

    Pop Goes the Seafloor Rock

    MIT-WHOI Joint Program graduate student Meghan Jones studies seafloor lavas to reveal the inner workings of our planet. Using the human-occupied submersible Alvin and the autonomous underwater vehicle Sentry, WHOI researchers and Jones have been exploring a surprising discovery: gas-filled volcanic rocks on the seafloor that "pop" when brought up to the surface.
  • MIT, MIT EAPS, News | June 19, 2017

    Cantine and Moore Awarded for Excellence

    Institute Recognizes Marjorie Cantine and Kelsey Moore as 2017 Graduate Women of Excellence.
  • News, WHOI - Oceanus | June 19, 2017

    Girls Just Wanna Be Engineers

    As part of a research grant from the National Science Foundation, Anna Michael, Applied Physics and Ocean Engineering Department at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), created the GOES (Girls in Ocean Engineering and Science) Institute. The program, which began in 2016, brings in 12 girls who are about to enter the sixth grade and a science teacher for a week of activities.
  • Featured Stories, MIT News, News | June 15, 2017

    Batteries that “Drink” Seawater Could Power Long-range Underwater Vehicles

    Startup’s novel aluminum batteries increase the range of UUVs tenfold.
  • News, WHOI - Oceanus | June 12, 2017

    The Hot Spot Below Yellowstone Park

    Researchers use deep-sea technology to explore volcanic lake
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News | June 9, 2017

    MIT-NASA Study Evaluates Efficiency of Oceans as Heat Sink, Atmospheric Gases Sponge

    New MIT-NASA research using models of Atlantic circulation finds that the ocean absorbs atmospheric gases more easily than heat energy, and the slowing circulation that results, reduces its ability to absorb both.
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News | June 8, 2017

    Congratulations to the EAPS Class of 2017 Marine Scientists

    Degrees awarded during the 2016/2017 academic year are conferred in September, February and June.
  • News, WHOI News | June 7, 2017

    WHOI Research Engineer Selected for NASA Astronaut Program

    Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) research engineer Loral O’Hara was introduced today at Johnson Space Flight Center as a member of NASA’s most recent class of astronauts. O’Hara was one of just 12 to be selected from an applicant pool of more than 18,300—the largest number NASA has ever received.
  • News, WHOI News | June 7, 2017

    Finding New Homes Won’t Help Emperor Penguins Cope with Climate Change

    Unlike other species that migrate successfully to escape the wrath of climate change, a new study shows that dispersal may help sustain global Emperor penguin populations for a limited time, but, as sea ice conditions continue to deteriorate, the 54 colonies that exist today will face devastating declines by the end of this century.
  • News, WHOI - Oceanus | June 5, 2017

    Back to Bikini

    Scientists study lingering radioactivity of 1946-1958 nuclear weapons tests
  • Featured Stories, MIT Sea Grant, News | May 30, 2017

    VIDEO: Blue carbon and coastal adaptation

    Aquatic Ecologist Julie Simpson discusses her pioneering work with MIT’s Sea Grant College Program.
  • MIT Sea Grant, News | May 30, 2017

    Last year’s drought had an upside: cleaner beaches in Boston

    Last year's drought contributed to the uptick in ocean cleanliness off Boston-area beaches due to the lack of rain last summer, which meant that there was less stormwater and sewage runoff flushing bacteria and contaminants into the ocean. (Boston Globe)
  • Featured Stories, MIT, MIT EAPS, News | May 30, 2017

    An Ocean of Curiosity

    MIT oceanographers explore Earth’s seas with the Boston community for the 2017 Cambridge Science Festival at the MIT Museum.
  • News, WHOI News | May 30, 2017

    More Frequent Extreme Ocean Warming Could Further Endanger Albatross

    WHOI biologist Stephanie Jenouvrier co-edited the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B special issue and co-authored a study featured, which examines how extreme ocean warming events further stress an already declining population of black-browed albatross in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
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