Photo of George Barbastathis
George Barbastathis
Singapore Research Professor of Optics; Professor of Mechanical Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-1960 Interest Areas: optics, autonomous imaging Website Website

Physics and engineering of 3D optical systems for use in autonomous devices to capture digital holographic images of ocean species (e.g. plankton) and multi-phase flows.

Photo of Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
Director, MIT Sea Grant, Doherty Professor of Ocean Science and Engineering Professor of Mechanical & Ocean Engineering Home Phone: 617 253-7131 Interest Areas: autonomous underwater vehicles Website Website

Development of technology and systems for advanced autonomous surface and underwater vehicles.

Photo of Franz S. Hover
Franz S. Hover
Finmeccanica Career Development Professor in Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-6762 Interest Areas: networking, engineering Website Website

Design methods for complex ocean systems; autonomous inspection of in-water ships; design of ocean networks comprising groups of communicating vehicles as well as fluid and power systems.

Photo of John Leonard
John Leonard
Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-0607 Interest Areas: navigation, robotics, mapping Website Website

Navigation and mapping for autonomous mobile robots, robotic localization and mapping applications below, on and above water in marine and river environments.

Photo of Pierre Lermusiaux
Pierre Lermusiaux
Associate Professor in Ocean Utilization Home Phone: (617) 324-5172 Interest Areas: modeling systems, ocean dynamics Website Website

Ocean modeling and data assimilation techniques to quantify regional ocean dynamics on multiple scales; new methods for multiscale modeling, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation and the guidance of autonomous vehicles.

Photo of David Mindell
David Mindell
Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing, and Head of DeepArch Group in Technology, Archaeology and the Deep Sea Home Phone: (617) 253-0221 Interest Areas: Website Website

Historian and electrical engineer, an expert on human/machine relationships in broad technical, social, and historical contexts.

Photo of Nicholas Patrikalakis
Nicholas Patrikalakis
Kawasaki Professor of Engineering Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-4555 Interest Areas: Robotics and Sensing Website Website

Robotics and Sensing, Dynamic Data-Driven Forecasting Systems, Computer-Aided Design, Visualization.

Photo of Daniela Rus
Daniela Rus
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Head of CSAIL Home Phone: (617) 258 7567 Interest Areas: environmental robotics Website Website

Distributed robotics, mobile computing, programmable matter and applications in environmental robotics.

Photo of Henrik Schmidt
Henrik Schmidt
Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-5727 Interest Areas: engineering, acoustics Website Website

Arctic and shallow water acoustics; scattering and reverberation due to sea surface and ice roughness; determination of seismic-acoustic propagation and reverberation in ocean environments; and 3-D acoustics in very shallow water.

Photo of Alexandra H. Techet
Alexandra H. Techet
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 452-2266 Interest Areas: hydrodynamics, engineering Website Website

Solving hydrodynamics problems for use by the ocean science and engineering communities through rigorous experimental investigation and imaging.

Photo of Michael S. Triantafyllou
Michael S. Triantafyllou
William I. Koch Professor of Marine Technology; Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering; Associate Head for Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-4335 Interest Areas: fluid dynamics, biometrics Website Website

Physics of flow-sensing in fish and marine mammals; achieving super-maneuverability in ocean vehicles through flow feedback control; development of biometric robots to study the agility of fish and cetaceans.

Photo of Brian Williams
Brian Williams
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Home Phone: (617) 253-1678 Interest Areas: model-based programming, robotics Website Website

Model-based programming and cooperative space, air, land and undersea vehicles, on Earth and on other planets