John Marshall

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Oceanography, MIT

Research Group

Maryam Alshehhi
Visiting Assistant Professor Work Phone: (617) 253-5458

Maryam studies coastal ocean problems using physical and optical oceanography, and numerical and theoretical frameworks supported by field and satellite data

Photo of  Maryam Alshehhi
Jean-Michel Campin
Research Scientist

Jean-Michel is interested in the role of the ocean in past climate variations using numerical models. Development and improvement of climate model components, especially Ocean General Circulation Model, with a particular interest in numerical methods.

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Darius Collazo
Administrative Assistant Work Phone: 617-253-0251
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Edward Doddridge

Ed’s research focuses on improving our understanding of the fundamental dynamics of the ocean, and the ocean’s role in the climate system. He is currently working on the Southern Ocean, examining the interactions between the atmosphere, sea ice, and the ocean.

Photo of  Edward Doddridge
Mukund Gupta
Graduate Student

Mukund is interested in understanding climate sensitivity to perturbations and in developing simple climate models to investigate this.

Photo of  Mukund Gupta
Lauren Hinkel
Science Writer

Lauren is a science writer and multimedia producer for Oceans at MIT as well as MIT’s Program in Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate housed in EAPS. She covers ocean and climate-related research, events and insights from around MIT and WHOI, and welcomes story ideas and comments.

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Christine Maglio
Financial Administrator Work Phone: 617-253-6603
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John Marshall
Professor of Oceanography

John is interested in the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, and particularly the role of the ocean in climate and its variability.

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Gianluca Meneghello

Gianluca is interested in studying dynamics of the ocean and the atmosphere: his current focus is the identification of a simple model to analyze the role of eddies in the response of the Beaufort Gyre to wind and buoyancy forcing. He previously worked on the development of autonomous observational platforms for environmental flows, on control/data assimilation algorithms, and on numerical methods for fluid mechanics.

Photo of  Gianluca Meneghello
Ali Ramadhan
Graduate Student

Ali is a physicist using a mix of models and observations to understand Earth’s climate. He is currently working on interactions between sea ice and winds in the Antarctic sea ice zone. Previously, he worked on creating molecular movies and on light-matter interactions in a dark laser laboratory.

Photo of  Ali Ramadhan
Anastasia Romanou
Research Scientist

Anastasia, a collaborator from GISS, is interested in the large-scale circulation of the oceans, gas-exchange through the air-sea interface, the ocean carbon cycle, climate variability, thermohaline circulation and coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling.

Photo of  Anastasia Romanou
Jeffrey Scott
Research Scientist

Jeff is interested in understanding the role of the ocean in global change change, using a hierarchy of ocean-only and coupled earth system models. Recent work has focused on passive heat uptake versus active ocean circulation changes in a warming world.

Photo of  Jeffrey Scott