John Marshall

Professor of Ocean and Climate Science

Research Group

Darius Collazo
Administrative Assistant Work Phone: 617-253-0251
Photo of  Darius Collazo
Faye Elgart
Graduate Student

Faye is interested in the dynamics of complex systems spanning multiple length- and time-scales, and the intersection of glaciology, oceanography, and planetary science.

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Qian Li
Postdoctoral Associate

My research interests include the circulation and dynamics of the Southern Ocean, i.e., ocean-ice interactions around the Antarctic margin, Antarctic Circumpolar Current dynamics, mixed layer dynamics and tropical-extratropical teleconnections.

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John Marshall
Professor of Oceanography

John is interested in the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, and particularly the role of the ocean in climate and its variability.

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Ali Ramadhan
Graduate Student

Ali is interested in scientific computing, software development, and ocean, atmosphere, and climate modeling. He is currently working on Oceananigans.jl, a high-performance and user-friendly Navier-Stokes solver that runs on CPUs and GPUs.

Photo of  Ali Ramadhan
Jeffrey Scott
Research Scientist

Jeff is interested in understanding the role of the ocean in global change change, using a hierarchy of ocean-only and coupled earth system models. Recent work has focused on passive heat uptake versus active ocean circulation changes in a warming world.

Photo of  Jeffrey Scott
Phillip Tuckman
Graduate Student

PJ is interested in any problems that might help us predict the future of the climate system. He is especially excited by how subsystems such as the oceans, atmosphere, and cryosphere affect the global climate.

Photo of  Phillip Tuckman
Yixiao Zhang
Graduate Student

Yixiao is interested in using knowledge of fluid dynamics to help us understand the climate of the Earth and other planets and moons.

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