John Marshall

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Oceanography, MIT

Research Group

Jean-Michel Campin
Research Scientist

Jean-Michel is interested in the role of the ocean in past climate variations using numerical models. Development and improvement of climate model components, especially Ocean General Circulation Model, with a particular interest in numerical methods.

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Darius Collazo
Administrative Assistant Work Phone: 617-253-0251
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Margaret Duffy
Graduate Student

Margaret is interested in climate dynamics and change, particularly ocean-atmosphere interactions, modeling, and statistical methods.

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Darren Engwirda

Darren’s interest is in developing ocean models for climate research.

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Brian Green
Graduate Student

Brian’s my major interests lie in ocean dynamics, their role in climate, and the use of numerical techniques to model them.

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Mukund Gupta
Graduate Student

Mukund is interested in understanding climate sensitivity to perturbations and in developing simple climate models to investigate this.

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Ute Hausmann

Ute is interested in the roles of the ocean and of ocean-atmosphere interactions in the climate system. Most recently, her PhD research addressed the observed contribution of ocean mesoscale eddies to sea surface temperature variability and mixed-layer heat transport.

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Yavor Kostov
Graduate Student

Yavor is interested in developing simple climate models.

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John Marshall
Professor of Oceanography

John is interested in the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, and particularly the role of the ocean in climate and its variability.

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Cassie Martin
Science Writer

Cassie is the science writer for Oceans at MIT, where she reports on ocean and climate-related research unfolding at MIT and WHOI. She welcomes story comments and ideas from students, research scientists, and professors.

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Anastasia Romanou
Research Scientist

Anastasia, a collaborator from GISS, is interested in the large-scale circulation of the oceans, gas-exchange through the air-sea interface, the ocean carbon cycle, climate variability, thermohaline circulation and coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling.

Photo of  Anastasia Romanou
Jeffrey Scott
Research Scientist

Jeff is interested in understanding the role of the ocean in global change change, using a hierarchy of ocean-only and coupled earth system models. Recent work has focused on passive heat uptake versus active ocean circulation changes in a warming world.

Photo of  Jeffrey Scott
Hajoon Song

Hajoon studies climate change and its impacts on marine ecosystem, physical and biological interactions and air-sea interactions. He is also interested in data assimilation of coupled physical-biological oceanic system and adjoint-based sensitivity analysis.

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