John Marshall

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Oceanography, MIT

Research Group

Maryam Alshehhi
Visiting Assistant Professor Work Phone: (617) 253-5458

Maryam studies coastal ocean problems using physical and optical oceanography, and numerical and theoretical frameworks supported by field and satellite data

Photo of  Maryam Alshehhi
Brandon Allen
Postdoctoral Associate

Brandon Allen has a PhD in elementary particle physics and a growing interest in climate science. As part of the CliMa project, he is implementing discontinuous Galerkin methods to improve modeling of the ocean, exploiting the latest advances in high performance computing hardware using the Julia programming language.

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Daisy Caban
PAOC Administrator Work Phone: (617) 253-7993
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Jean-Michel Campin
Research Scientist

Jean-Michel is interested in the role of the ocean in past climate variations using numerical models. Development and improvement of climate model components, especially Ocean General Circulation Model, with a particular interest in numerical methods.

Photo of  Jean-Michel Campin
Darius Collazo
Administrative Assistant Work Phone: 617-253-0251
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Faye Elgart
Graduate Student

Faye is interested in the dynamics of complex systems spanning multiple length- and time-scales, and the intersection of glaciology, oceanography, and planetary science.

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Mukund Gupta
Graduate Student

Mukund is interested in understanding climate sensitivity to perturbations and in developing simple climate models to investigate this.

Photo of  Mukund Gupta
John Marshall
Professor of Oceanography

John is interested in the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans, and particularly the role of the ocean in climate and its variability.

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Gianluca Meneghello

Gianluca is interested in studying dynamics of the ocean and the atmosphere: his current focus is the identification of a simple model to analyze the role of eddies in the response of the Beaufort Gyre to wind and buoyancy forcing. He previously worked on the development of autonomous observational platforms for environmental flows, on control/data assimilation algorithms, and on numerical methods for fluid mechanics.

Photo of  Gianluca Meneghello
Ali Ramadhan
Graduate Student

Ali is interested in scientific computing, software development, and ocean, atmosphere, and climate modeling. He is currently working on Oceananigans.jl, a high-performance and user-friendly Navier-Stokes solver that runs on CPUs and GPUs.

Photo of  Ali Ramadhan
Anastasia Romanou
Research Scientist

Anastasia, a collaborator from GISS, is interested in the large-scale circulation of the oceans, gas-exchange through the air-sea interface, the ocean carbon cycle, climate variability, thermohaline circulation and coupled ocean-atmosphere modeling.

Photo of  Anastasia Romanou
Jeffrey Scott
Research Scientist

Jeff is interested in understanding the role of the ocean in global change change, using a hierarchy of ocean-only and coupled earth system models. Recent work has focused on passive heat uptake versus active ocean circulation changes in a warming world.

Photo of  Jeffrey Scott
James Williams
Postdoctoral Associate

James studies sea ice in the polar oceans using numerical models, satellite derived observations, and in situ data. He works at NASA GISS in New York City as part of a NASA/MIT consortium.

Photo of  James Williams