Featured Stories | December 21, 2015

Best of Oceans at MIT 2015

By Cassie Martin

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s the perfect time to look back at Oceans at MIT’s past twelve months. From discovering more about the diversity of the ocean’s smallest inhabitants to Pluto’s potential underground ocean, we have a diverse batch of articles for you to read. Without further ado, here is a list of the top 15 stories of the year.

Slow-Motion Science and the Art of Capturing Marine Life

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.52.20 PM

Grace Young (MIT ’14) spent 15 days living underwater recording marine life with a special high-speed camera. Now, an exhibit of her work—Undersea Phenomena in Ultra Slow Motion—is on display at the Wiesner Gallery. Read more…

Solving Carbon Mysteries of the Deep Ocean

Follett in the lab

New research from scientists at MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) reveals a dynamic deep ocean carbon cycle that has implications for our understanding of climate change, microbial ecology, and carbon sequestration. Read more…

Closing the Arctic Data Gap


Researchers at MIT and WHOI are using innovative technology and modeling to understand climate change’s impact on the Arctic Ocean. Read more…

A Model Year for Climate Change


Climate expert Jochem Marotzke tackles the discrepancy between climate models and real-world observations of global temperature in the 15th Annual Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture. Read more…

4 Questions with David Battisti on El Niño and Climate Variability


Oceans at MIT asked Atmospheric Scientist David Battisti about the double El Nino phenomenon and what it does and doesn’t tell us about climate change. Read more…

Uncovering Diversity in an Invisible Ocean World

Pacific Plankton_Tara Oceans 2015

Tara Oceans, an international consortium of researchers that explored the world’s oceans in hopes of learning more about one of its smallest inhabitants, reported their initial findings this week in a special issue of Science. Read more…

A Matter of Time for Antarctic Sea Ice


Ozone’s role in Antarctic sea ice formation is more complex than previously thought, according to a recent study by MIT researchers. Read more…

For the Love of Physics: From Oceans to Other Planets

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.03.36 PM

MIT Oceanographer Glenn Flierl’s passion lies in understanding the physics that shape life as we know it on Earth and other planets. Read more…

New Horizons Data Hint at Underground Ocean


Pluto’s heart could hold clues to the existence of an ocean, according to the latest data received from NASA’s New Horizons probe. Read more…

Rolling Stone Spotlights MIT Ocean Acidification Research


Highlighted study finds many phytoplankton species may die out and others may migrate significantly as ocean acidification intensifies. Read more…

The Hart of MIT’s Maritime Legacy

Elena Replica_Steel Schooner Yacht 1896

New museum exhibit will focus on MIT’s rich maritime history. Read more…

Empowering Women in Marine Science


At the second annual workshop of the Society for Women in Marine Science (SWMS), a diverse mix of nearly 50 scientists at various stages of their careers—from graduate students eager to build a community to senior scientists who are still the only senior women in their departments—gathered to share research and discuss issues facing women in marine science and STEM fields in general. Read more…

Bringing Scientists into the FOLD: 4 Questions with Alexis Hope

FOLD_home_page (800x533)

A new publishing platform out of MIT Media Lab adds context and depth to online science communication. Read more…

Capturing an Underwater World

A group of California Sea Lions near the kelp forests off the coast of Monterey, California. (Credit © Keith Ellenbogen)

Underwater photographer and MIT CAST visiting artist Keith Ellenbogen is developing new technology and sharing his passion for underwater conservation photography with students in an upcoming IAP course. Read more…

At COP21, Finding Hope for Climate in the Aerocene


Visiting Artist Tomás Saraceno and MIT scientists join forces to confront climate crisis at UN conference. Read more…

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