Ocean Policy

Turning Knowledge into Action

To overcome the threats that face Earth’s oceans, our societies require innovative public policies that take into consideration a deep understanding of marine life, climate change, ocean engineering, trade, economics, alternative energy innovations, and myriad other fields and industries. Citizens and their governments must fully comprehend the ramifications of any potential solutions—and be committed to their implementation.

With our colleagues from WHOI, we are gathering the data necessary to craft effective marine policies. We are partnering with researchers in economics, policy analysis, and sustainability across our institutions, including experts at MIT Sloan and the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning, who are studying the best methods for making good ocean practices economically, commercially, and politically viable. The bottom line: turn our scientific knowledge into progress as quickly and effectively as possible.

Key Questions We’re Exploring
  • When crafting new policies, what are the most important facts to bear in mind about marine ecosystems?
  • How can we best inform and support efforts to plan out the many uses of our oceans?
  • What is the best way to combine ecological, social, and economic knowledge when making public policy decisions?