John Marshall

Professor of Ocean and Climate Science


Submitted papers

On the settling depth of meltwater escaping from beneath Antarctic ice shelves
C.Arnscheidt, J.Marshall, P.Dutrieux, C.Rye, and A.Ramadhan
Submitted to Journal of Physical Oceanography

Partial Mitigation of global warming through Antarctic Meltwater Anomalies
C.Rye, J.Marshall, D.Rind, G.Schmidt, and J.Hansen

On the Effects of the Ocean on Atmospheric CFC-11 Lifetimes And Emissions
P.Wang, J.Scott, S.Solomon, J.Marshall, A.Babbin, M.Lickley, et. al.
Submitted to PNAS

Water mass transformation and overturning circulation in the Arabian Gulf
M.Al-Shehhi, H.Song, J.Scott, and J.Marshall
Submitted to J. Phys. Oceanogr.

Role of tides in Arabian Gulf circulation and long-term exchange with the Sea of Oman
M.Salim, M.Al-Shehhi, H.Song, J.M. Campin, C.Hill, and J.Marshall
Submitted to Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Differing Enceladean ocean circulation and ice shell geometries driven by tidal heating in the ice versus the core
W.Kang, S.Bire, J.M. Campin, C.Sotin, C.German, A. Thurnherr, and J.Marshall
Submitted to Nature Communications

Sea-ice melt driven by ice-ocean stresses on the mesoscale
M.Gupta, J.Marshall, H.Song, J.M. Campin, and G.Meneghello
Submitted to JGR: Oceans

Southern Ocean heat storage, reemergence, and winter sea-ice decline induced by summertime winds
E.Doddridge, J.Marshall, H.Song, J.M. Campin, and M.Kelly
Submitted to Journal of Climate