John Marshall

Professor of Ocean and Climate Science

Submitted papers

´╗┐Differing Enceladean ocean circulation and ice shell geometries driven by tidal heating in the ice versus the core
W.Kang, S.Bire, J.M. Campin, C.Sotin, C.German, A. Thurnherr, and J.Marshall
Submitted to Nature Geosciences

´╗┐Sea-ice melt driven by ice-ocean stresses on the mesoscale
M.Gupta, J.Marshall, H.Song, J.M. Campin, and G.Meneghello
Submitted to JGR: Oceans

Southern Ocean heat storage, reemergence, and winter sea-ice decline induced by summertime winds
E.Doddridge, J.Marshall, H.Song, J.M. Campin, and M.Kelly
Submitted to Journal of Climate

Uncertainty quantification of ocean parameterizations:application to the K-Profile-Parameterization for penetrative convection
A.Souza, G.Wagner, A. Ramadhan, B.Allen, V.Churavy, J.Schloss, J.M. Campin, C.Hill, A.Edleman, J.Marshall, G.Flierl, and R.Ferrari
Submitted to JAMES

Genesis and decay of baroclinic eddies in the seasonally ice-covered Arctic Ocean
G.Meneghello, J.Marshall, C.Lique, P.Isachsen, E.Doddridge, J.M. Campin. H.Regan, and C.Talandier
Submitted to Journal of Physical Oceanography

CMIP6 Historical Simulations (1850-2014) with GISS ModelE2.1
Miller et al.
Submitted to JAMES