John Marshall

Professor of Ocean and Climate Science


Submitted papers

Interannual SAM modulation of Antarctic sea ice extent does not account for its long-term trends pointing to a limited role for ozone depletion
L.M. Povani, A.Banerjee, R.Chemke, E.Doddridge, D,Ferreira, A.Gnanadesikan, M.Holland, Y.Kostov, J.Marshall, W.Seviour, S.Solomon, and D.Waugh
Submitted to GRL

´╗┐Exploring ocean circulation on icy moons heated from below
S.Bire, W.Kang, A.Ramadhan, J.M. Campin, and J.Marshall
Submitted to JGR: Planets

Partial Mitigation of global warming through Antarctic Meltwater Anomalies
C.Rye, J.Marshall, D.Rind, G.Schmidt, and J.Hansen

Water mass transformation and overturning circulation in the Arabian Gulf
M.Al-Shehhi, H.Song, J.Scott, and J.Marshall
Submitted to J. Phys. Oceanogr.

How does salinity shape ocean circulation and ice geometry on Enceladus and other icy satellites?
W.Kang, T.Mittal, S.Bire, J.M. Campin, and J.Marshall
Submitted to PNAS