John Marshall

Professor of Ocean and Climate Science


Submitted papers

GLobal Climate Impacts of Greenland and Antarctic Glacial Melt: A Comparative Study
Q.Li, J.Marshall, C.Rye, A.Romanou, D.Rind, and M.Kelley
Submitted to Journal of Climate

Dynamics or Geysers and tracer transport over the south pole of Enceladus
W.Kang, J.Marshall, T.Mittal, and S.Bire
Submitted to MNRAS

How does salinity shape ocean circulation and ice geometry on Enceladus and other icy satellites?
W.Kang, T.Mittal, S.Bire, J.M. Campin, and J.Marshall
Submitted to Science Advances

The role of ocean circulation in driving hemispheric symmetry breaking of the ice shell of Enceladus
W.Kang, S.Bire, and J. Marshall
Submitted to EPSL

Partial Mitigation of global warming through Antarctic Meltwater Anomalies
C.Rye, J.Marshall, D.Rind, G.Schmidt, and J.Hansen