Photo of Edward F. DeLong
Edward F. DeLong
Morton and Claire Goulder Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Department of Biological Engineering Work Phone: (617) 253-5271 Interest Areas: biological oceanography, microbial ecology Website Website

Structure, function and ecological significance of natural microbial communities in a variety of marine habitats.

Photo of David McGee
David McGee
Assistant Professor Work Phone: (617) 324-3545 Interest Areas: paleoclimatology, geochemistry Website Website

Study of paleoclimate using geochemical tools, with focus on applications of uranium-series isotopes; improved understanding of the response of atmospheric circulation and the hydrological cycle to different boundary conditions.

Photo of David Mindell
David Mindell
Dibner Professor of the History of Engineering and Manufacturing, and Head of DeepArch Group in Technology, Archaeology and the Deep Sea Home Phone: (617) 253-0221 Interest Areas: Website Website

Historian and electrical engineer, an expert on human/machine relationships in broad technical, social, and historical contexts.

Photo of Brian Williams
Brian Williams
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics Home Phone: (617) 253-1678 Interest Areas: model-based programming, robotics Website Website

Model-based programming and cooperative space, air, land and undersea vehicles, on Earth and on other planets