Deep Time

Photo of Tanja Bosak
Tanja Bosak
Assistant Professor of Geobiology Home Phone: (617) 324-3959 Interest Areas: microbiology, geology Website Website

Co-evolution of life and the environment on early Earth; study of the microfossil record associated with major climatic and geochemical oscillations in the Neoproterozoic.

Photo of Shuhei Ono
Shuhei Ono
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences Home Phone: (617) 253-0474 Interest Areas: microbial oceanography, ecology Website Website

Interplay among atmosphere, rock, water and microbes; the photochemical sulfur isotope effect, early microbial evolution, deep biosphere, and seafloor hydrothermal deposits.

Photo of Daniel Rothman
Daniel Rothman
Professor of Geophysics Home Phone: (617) 253-7861 Interest Areas: theoretical geophysics, biogeochemistry and paleobiology Website Website

Dynamical organization of the natural environment through investigation of the cooperative phenomena underlying common yet poorly understood observations. Work combines theory, field observations, and experiments to study problems including the carbon cycle and climate, the co-evolution of life and the environment, and the dynamics of fluids, rocks, and sand.

Photo of Roger Summons
Roger Summons
Professor of Geobiology Home Phone: (617) 452-2791 Interest Areas: geobiology, biogeochemistry Website Website

Biogeochemistry and geobiology: lipid chemistry of geologically significant microbes and microbial ecosystems; organic and isotopic indicators of climate change; evolution and mass extinction; biomarkers in sediments and petroleum; and biogeochemical fossils.