Photo of Stephanie Dutkiewicz
Stephanie Dutkiewicz
Principal Research Scientist Home Phone: (617) 253-2454 Interest Areas: Biogeochemistry Website Website

Biogeochemical cycles

Photo of Raffaele Ferrari
Raffaele Ferrari
Breene M. Kerr Professor of Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-1291 Interest Areas: physical oceanography, paleoclimate, biological oceanography Website Website

Ocean circulation: dynamics of the ocean and climate, atmospheric and oceanic turbulence, air-sea interactions, the energetics of the ocean circulation, the impact of ocean physics on biology, and paleoclimate.

Photo of Glenn Flierl
Glenn Flierl
Professor of Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-4692 Interest Areas: physical oceanography, eddies Website Website

Oceanic eddies and their impacts upon the distribution of tracers and on the biology of the sea.

Photo of Mick Follows
Mick Follows
Associate Professor Home Phone: (617) 253-5939 Interest Areas: biogeochemistry, ocean circulation Website Website

Models of interactions of ocean circulation, biogeochemical cycles and marine ecosystems.

Photo of Philip M. Gschwend
Philip M. Gschwend
Ford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-1638 Interest Areas: environmental organic chemistry Website Website

Environmental organic chemistry: phase exchanges and transformation processes; the modeling of fates of organic pollutants; the roles of colloids and black carbons; and passive sampling for site evaluation.

Photo of Patrick Heimbach
Patrick Heimbach
Principal Research Scientist Home Phone: (617) 253-5259 Interest Areas: ocean and ice, inverse methods Website Website

Ocean circulation and its role in the global climate system; the dynamics of sea ice, ice sheets, and glaciers.

Photo of Christopher N. Hill
Christopher N. Hill
Principal Research Engineer Home Phone: (617) 253-6430 Interest Areas: ocean modeling, computation Website Website

Ocean modeling: development of software, computing infrastructure and numerical algorithms for simulation of atmospheric, oceanic and geophysical flows.

Photo of Pierre Lermusiaux
Pierre Lermusiaux
Associate Professor in Ocean Utilization Home Phone: (617) 324-5172 Interest Areas: modeling systems, ocean dynamics Website Website

Ocean modeling and data assimilation techniques to quantify regional ocean dynamics on multiple scales; new methods for multiscale modeling, uncertainty quantification, data assimilation and the guidance of autonomous vehicles.

Photo of Yuming Liu
Yuming Liu
Principal Research Scientist Home Phone: (617) 252-1647 Interest Areas: Theoretical and computational hydrodynamics Website Website

Development of tools for analysis and design of advanced ocean systems including ships, offshore platforms, and underwater vehicles. Development of tools for ocean wave prediction. Wave/tide energy extraction, and advanced propulsion.

Photo of John Marshall
John Marshall
Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-9615 Interest Areas: oceanography, climate dynamics Website Website

Climate and the general circulation of the atmosphere and oceans; development of mathematical and numerical models of key physical and biogeochemical processes, oceans and climate, and paleoclimate.

Photo of Thomas Peacock
Thomas Peacock
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Home Phone: (617) 258-0736 Interest Areas: fluid dynamics, stratified flows Website Website

Laboratory experiments to obtain insight into all manner of dynamical phenomena, from micro-scale diffusive processes to global-scale oceanic wave fields.

Photo of Paola Rizzoli
Paola Rizzoli
Professor of Physical Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-2451 Interest Areas: general circulation, climate modeling Website Website

Climate; general ocean circulation and ecosystem models developed through mathematical numerical models.

Photo of Paul Sclavounos
Paul Sclavounos
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Home Phone: (617) 253-4364 Interest Areas: Maritime, offshore and energy engineering applications Website Website

Modeling of free surface flows past conventional and high-speed vessels and the estimation of their resistance and seakeeping in deep and shallow waters. Coupling of hydrodynamic simulations with optimal control theory for the minimization of the motions and the fuel efficient navigation of vessels.

Photo of Noelle Eckley Selin
Noelle Eckley Selin
Assistant Professor of Engineering Systems and Atmospheric Chemistry Home Phone: (617) 324-2592 Interest Areas: Engineering Systems Division and Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Website Website

My research focuses on using atmospheric chemistry modeling to inform decision-making strategies on air pollution, climate change and hazardous substances such as mercury and persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

Photo of Alexandra H. Techet
Alexandra H. Techet
Associate Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Home Phone: (617) 452-2266 Interest Areas: hydrodynamics, engineering Website Website

Solving hydrodynamics problems for use by the ocean science and engineering communities through rigorous experimental investigation and imaging.

Photo of Carl Wunsch
Carl Wunsch
Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physical Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-5937 Interest Areas: ocean circulation, climate Website Website

Understanding ocean circulation and its implications for climate and paleoclimate by combining global general circulation models and the recently available global data sets.

Photo of Dick K.P. Yue
Dick K.P. Yue
Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering; Director of International Programs Home Phone: (617) 253-6823 Interest Areas: fluid mechanics, ocean engineering Website Website

Marine fluid mechanics and ocean engineering: problems ranging from coastal and offshore development to understanding the role of oceans in global warming.