Photo of Sallie (Penny) W. Chisholm
Sallie (Penny) W. Chisholm
Professor of Environmental Studies; Professor of Biology Home Phone: (617) 253-1771 Interest Areas: biological oceanography, microbial ecology Website Website

Microbial oceanography: the role of marine phytoplankton in the ocean’s “metabolism”; the cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus as a model to study marine ecology from the genome level to the whole ocean.

Photo of Glenn Flierl
Glenn Flierl
Professor of Oceanography Home Phone: (617) 253-4692 Interest Areas: physical oceanography, eddies Website Website

Oceanic eddies and their impacts upon the distribution of tracers and on the biology of the sea.

Photo of Mick Follows
Mick Follows
Associate Professor Home Phone: (617) 253-5939 Interest Areas: biogeochemistry, ocean circulation Website Website

Models of interactions of ocean circulation, biogeochemical cycles and marine ecosystems.

Photo of Martin Polz
Martin Polz
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-7128 Interest Areas: environmental microbiology, microbial ecology Website Website

Exploration of structure-function relationships in microbial communities using quantitative molecular approaches, genomics, physiology, and modeling.

Photo of Roman Stocker
Roman Stocker
Associate Professor Home Phone: (617) 253-3726 Interest Areas: physical ecology, environmental microfluidics Website Website

Physical ecology of microorganisms; microscale transport phenomena; microfluidic experiments to understand how physical forces and chemical signals shape the behavior of marine microorganisms.

Photo of Janelle R. Thompson
Janelle R. Thompson
Assistant Professor in Ocean Utilization Home Phone: (617) 324.5268 Interest Areas: microbial ecology, microbial oceanography Website Website

Microbial oceanography: study of the relationship between the structure of microbial communities and their function using molecular biology, genomics, and genetics.