Human Influences

Photo of Ed Boyle
Ed Boyle
Professor of Ocean Geochemistry; Director of WHOI-MIT Joint Program Home Phone: 617-253-2288 Interest Areas: chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry Website Website

Marine chemistry: distribution of trace elements in the ocean and their use as paleochemical tracers; response of the ocean to anthropogenic lead emissions; relation between dust, iron in the ocean, and marine biological activity.

Photo of Kerry Emanuel
Kerry Emanuel
Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Atmospheric Science Home Phone: (617) 253-2462 Interest Areas: atmospheric convection, hurricanes Website Website

Atmospheric convection; interaction of hurricanes with the ocean.

Photo of Philip M. Gschwend
Philip M. Gschwend
Ford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-1638 Interest Areas: environmental organic chemistry Website Website

Environmental organic chemistry: phase exchanges and transformation processes; the modeling of fates of organic pollutants; the roles of colloids and black carbons; and passive sampling for site evaluation.

Photo of Harry F. Hemond
Harry F. Hemond
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-1637 Interest Areas: biogeochemistry, renewable energy Website Website

Earth’s biochemical cycles and development of novel observational systems to study those cycles; methods to interact sustainably with the natural environment.

Photo of Heidi Nepf
Heidi Nepf
Professor, Margaret MacVicar Fellow in Civil and Environmental Engineering Home Phone: (617) 253-8622 Interest Areas: fluid mechanics, ecology Website Website

Physical mechanisms which affect the transport and fate of contaminants and nutrients in surface water systems; wetland hydrodynamics, vegetated flow dynamics, and lake physics.